Smoothie King

Scope of Work

Smoothie King is one of the top franchise brands dedicated solely to quick-service smoothies, with over 1,000 locations in the US and internationally. Fridge collaborated with Smoothie King to launch their “Cleaner Blending” campaign and promote their product as a healthy and convenient alternative to fast food.


Digital Campaign Development
Video Production & Post-Production
Radio Production & Post-Production

Fruit Video

Whole Fruits Image

System-Wide AUV Increase
Telly Awards
Protective Suits

Video Development

Fridge’s objective was to develop an engaging way to showcase the fresh fruits and veggies used in Smoothie King’s smoothies. To achieve this, our production team designed a rig that captured bursts of vibrant colors and seamlessly falling produce. Our team even had to wear protective gear!

Filming food is such a rewarding challenge – especially when it involves flying fruit and melting product!

Rick Nelson, VP Video Production

Recipe Videos

Smoothie King wanted to embrace smoothie making at home while remaining part of the conversation. Fridge developed seasonally-relevant recipe videos to inspire and create shareable brand content. The videos generated over 200,000 organic views.


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