Mellow Mushroom

Scope of Work

Mellow Mushroom may have over 150 units nationwide, but each location provides a unique atmosphere and customer experience. Fridge was tasked with creating engaging social media content and launching Mellow Mushroom’s online ordering system–without removing the brand’s individuality.


Franchise Support
Digital & Social Advertising
Video Production & Post-Production

Video Production

Imagine a TV spot with a pizza delivery drone, a live horse (transformed into a unicorn), dolphins spouting beer and out-of-this-world pizza. Fridge not only imagined it but flawlessly created it!

Fridge was thrilled to receive a Bronze Telly for video editing and a Silver Telly for visual effects.

Rick Nelson, VP Video Production

Digital Advertising

Mellow Mushroom wanted to increase its online ordering sales and limit an over-dependence on third-party ordering platforms such as Grubhub and UberEats. To support this effort, Fridge developed a multi-channel campaign to promote online ordering directly through their website. Fridge’s flexible media strategy reached the target audience across all franchises at every stage of the consumer journey. Fridge developed unique video content to help drive sales and differentiate the brand, resulting in a successful campaign with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4.68.

Telly Awards
Return On Ad Spend
Addy Award
mellow mushroom order online digital ads

Social Media Advertising

Fridge produced original and vibrant content to enhance Mellow Mushroom’s social media presence and increase engagement. Fridge identified content themes highlighting the brand’s youthful, carefree, creative spirit while still appealing to the audience’s lifestyles. Our team designed, produced and edited all content in-house and delivered each concept in multiple formats to increase message longevity while stretching the budget. Our efforts resulted in an average engagement rate of 36%

mellow out moment social mockup

grid of mellow social ads

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