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Scope of Work

There’s almost no aspect of Abita Beer that Fridge hasn’t touched during our 20-year partnership. From bottle tops to branding, t-shirts, labels, in-store POP, back-of-house inventory management, fund-raising brews, TV commercials, digital advertising and more…it’s been years of “cheers” with this legendary Louisiana craft brew.


Digital & Social Advertising
Video Production & Post-Production
Radio Production & Post-Production

Packaging Design
Website Development

Abita Beer Bottle Lineup Image

Packaging Design

Abita was one of the first craft beers in the Southeast. Their position was strong until they lost market share as major brewers entered the market. Fridge’s research found that Abita’s packaging didn’t encourage trial and the brand had lost relevancy in a highly competitive market driven by innovation and perceived authenticity.

Fridge embarked on a packaging rebrand with Abita to highlight the essence of New Orleans. Instead of relying only on Abita’s logo, the focus shifted to bringing life to each sub-brand and its connection to the city. The new labels featured illustrated art styles that paid homage to the local art scene and captured the vibrant energy of New Orleans culture.

Addy Awards
top 25
craft brewery
amber packaging detail
abita packaging details
Fridge distinguished between cliché New Orleans and authentic New Orleans. The new packaging reflects the spirit of the city and what it means to know and love it.

Jeremy Ballard, Creative Director

abita packaging details -big easy steamboat, sketches, turbodog
abita big bottles with detail of artwork

Video Production & Post-Production

The Boot was developed to celebrate the brewery’s birthplace – Louisiana – and explicitly brewed for locals. Fridge concepted, produced and edited an anthem only Louisianans would know, including references to Hurricane Katrina, divey watering holes and a secret spot to watch the ships roll in.


abita the boot can


Fridge launched Abita’s website, which aimed to communicate the brand’s essence and provide product education. In addition to a consumer-facing website, Abita also needed to incorporate specific functionality for distributors. Fridge developed a distributor portal, which integrated with Abita’s CRM and accounting system. The portal allows distributors to log in to the site to order beer, merchandise and promotional materials while syncing with Abita’s inventory network through an API.

Fridge also developed a custom product locator allowing consumers to search for beer in their area by product type, zip code, or location type (c-store, bar, etc.) with a radius filter.

abita mobile website screenshot featuring andygator packaging

abita website screenshot with bottles in grid
We helped abita grow from a small brewery in southeastern Louisiana to one of the top 25 craft beer companies in the country.

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