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Based in Brooklyn, Les Trois Petits Cochons or The Three Little Pigs is a French gourmet food company that is one of the largest producers of pâté and charcuterie in the United States. When our partnership began, the packaging was outdated and did not effectively communicate the brand story.


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charcuterie board with pate


The Les Trois Petits Cochons logo hadn’t been updated since the brand’s inception in 1975. The logo was significant to the company’s past and its founder. To honor this, Fridge updated the logo while keeping its original essence by refreshing the classic, hand-drawn logo with an updated shape and color palette, incorporating warm red and cream colors.

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3 pigs brand materials
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Fridge embraced the company’s history by focusing on its founder, a classically trained chef whose artisanal principles continue to guide it. The revived brand story paved the way to redesigning their 80+ product labels (including labels in both French and English to sell within the Canadian market). The label design was also rotated to allow for a larger display panel that was more cost-effective to produce and easier for the customer to identify.

3 Pigs Packaging Image

Les Trois Petits Cochons Fois Gras Packaging
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With Fridge's redesign, sales increased, leading to increased shelf placement nationwide.

-Anna Schiff, Director of Design


While delicious to eat, photographing pâté and charcuterie comes with its challenges. The products oxidize quickly once opened and can look unappetizing if not styled properly. Fridge showcased the brand’s versatility by capturing photos featuring it in recipes and elegant entertaining ideas.

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