Vanderwende Farm Creamery

Scope of Work

When Vanderwende Farm Creamery approached Fridge for a brand strategy session, a new relationship blossomed that would take us on a journey of storytelling and brand development.  The Delaware-based family-owned business had a rich history and deep knowledge of the dairy industry. Their story embodies the American dream – with William and Ellen Vanderwende starting this multigenerational company in 1954 with just $35, six cows and backbreaking work.


Packaging Design
Website Development
Environmental Design

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Vanderwende Farm Creamery received a brand strategy session from Fridge to establish a strong base for future expansion, pinpoint its unique selling point and generate a brand promise. Fridge then applied the strategy session’s outcome to the brand elements, including logo refresh, new color scheme, typography and supporting patterns. Vanderwende Farm Creamery’s new look now incorporates bright and youthful colors, nostalgic typography, and abstract cow prints to highlight its commitment to farm-fresh ice cream and its strong roots in the dairy industry. The design evokes summer and emphasizes the importance of family and farm, distinguishing the brand and telling its remarkable heritage story.

vanderwende logo comparison
Vanderwende Brand Guidelines Image

Packaging Design

Fridge applied the new brand identity to the brand’s packaging. To save costs and reduce waste, Fridge opted for a single design for both quart and pint containers instead of creating separate designs for each flavor. The new flexible design also allowed Vanderwende to introduce new flavors or discontinue old ones easily. Freezer-safe stickers were developed to distinguish each flavor from the other and serve as a tamper-proof feature.

Ice Cream Pint

ice cream pint in hand ice cream detail close up
ice cream sundae step by step ice cream pints in group on yellow background
scoop of blue ice cream on pink background ice cream cone in hand on pink background
Fridge was an invaluable partner. They honored our brand’s heritage while also introducing ways to maintain relevance.

Will Vanderwende, Vanderwende Farm Creamery

rotating ice cream pint lids

Environmental Design

Our team was honored to participate in the development of Vanderwende Farm Creamery’s new location in Old City, Pennsylvania. The bright, modern space was reworked to include a touch of whimsy. Fridge wanted to ensure the brand’s rich history was communicated to customers who were likely unfamiliar with the brand. A four-foot history wall was installed that features old family photos and the brand story. Custom wallpaper with cream and teal cow print wraps the space. Fridge also designed and produced a custom menu board that allows for seasonal flavor and price updates.


vanderwende history wall collage

vanderwende philly storefront
vanderwende store interior mockup cowprint wall with sign
vanderwende store interior mockup

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