Shane’s Rib Shack

shane's rib shack

The secret to great BBQ

Shane Thompson and his wife searched for the perfect BBQ place but were always disappointed. So, Shane decided to follow the advice of his grandfather and “do what he loved, and to do it better than anyone else.” With hard work and his grandfather’s secret sauce recipe, he opened his own restaurant – Shane's Rib Shack. The restaurant quickly gained popularity and soon became a franchise eager for national expansion. 

The Challenge

Shane's Rib Shack needed a way to show consumers and potential franchisees why their company was so different from any other BBQ restaurant. 

The Resolution

The brand Fridge developed was rooted in why the company was created by emphasizing the importance of family and the special relationship Shane Thompson had with his grandfather. No cartoon pigs or smoke-filled rooms, just the story of an all-American family.

Nostalgia and wholesomeness were conveyed through the design of POP materials, menu boards, store design and exterior signage. Fridge utilized bright colors to convey warmth, give the brand character and appeal to all generations.

Additionally, Fridge managed every aspect of franchise development – from co-op strategy to training videos. Fridge also created ad campaigns and a website that allowed for location customization.

The Results

In the seven  years Fridge was with Shane's Rib Shack the brand grew from 8 stores to 80, resulting in Shane's Rib Shack becoming one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises.

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